Saturday, July 28, 2012

Party girl

Olivia went to 2 birthday parties in one week!
The first was for her friend Noah from church. She is still talking about this birthday party :)
She got to play at the park, eat homemade ice cream and cake, and sing happy birthday (which might be her favorite thing about birthday parties)!

Watching Noah open presents

Sometime while we were all watching Noah open presents, 
one of the kids came and dug a little hand into the cake!

Have I mentioned she hates having her picture taken?

Train cookie party favor!

The second party was her cousin Claire's family party which she had a ball at! I didn't get to go so I only have these iphone pics my parents took, but they said she LOVED playing and playing with her cousins!

And these were the only pics I got before she left. Just loves that camera, can't get enough (sarcasm).

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