Friday, July 27, 2012


We've definitely noticed some similarities between Liv and Scarlett.
Their head shape is different, but I think their eyes and mouth are the same.
I think, as Scarlett gets older, you'll definitely be able to tell they're sisters.
What do you think?

Scarlett- above
Liv- below

 Scarlett- above

 Scarlett- above
Liv- below


Laura Beth said...

I can already tell they are! Especially picture set number two. I feel like they will look alike but Scarlett will look more like you. The darker features perhaps :)

Cate said...

What beautiful little ladies! I love comparing baby photos. Scarlett definitely reminds me of you a little more! Good job mama on making two super cute little girls!!

Carrie said...

yeah, i agree with cate. scarlett looks a little more like you. maybe it's because olivia has so much of brady's face shape. the sister do look similar though. and both very cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...YES! They are both so darling. I can hardly remember when Olivia was that tiny.
Can't wait to see how Scarlett blossoms out.
Love, Gma Debi :)

Tyler + Zahara said...

Well they are bot gorgeous if that's what you mean ;)

Megan Marie said...

they are both so cute and tiny. i can't believe that liv has grown that much...! mmm babies!

Scottie and Angie said...

OH my goodness!!! I can totally tell they are sisters and love how you did the comparison pics. Love the last one where they even are doing the same thing with their lips!!! Too funny and cute:)

Leandra said...

I love comparison pictures!!! I'm so mad though because for some reason my blog isn't giving me updates on your posts anymore! Lame. But cute cute cute baby girls!!! (Liv is still a baby to me :))