Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our peaceful girl

Sunday, August 5th, Scarlett was blessed at church.
I can already tell from the sweet spirit she brings to our family that she will be a peacemaker.
Brady gave a beautiful blessing and made me tear up thinking about all the wonderful things the future holds for Scarlett. 
These are a few of the wonderful things she was blessed with:

To value education
To bring happiness to others
To have a testimony come easily to her
To be a calming influence to those around her
To have a good relationship with her Mother and look up to her
To be able to get through hard times by turning to Heavenly Father

I snapped a few pictures of her vintage dress that I purchased from Etsy. I'm in love with it and will hang it on her wall. My hope is that one day her own daughter will get to wear it.

It was a very special day. Brady also bore his testimony and spoke about how scary this world is but how our children will be okay with support from a strong family and a good relationship with Heavenly Father. He also said some really nice things about me and made me tear up. Despite the fact that I'm  still soft around the middle, have a million pounds to loose, and have just started that lovely stage of post pregnancy where all my hair is falling out and I feel that I surely must be going bald, his words made me feel happy in my own skin just being me. It was a good reminder of the things that are truly important to me in this life. It was very sweet to hear him tell everyone in the room that he thinks I'm the best mom and that he loves to see me holding our children. I want to be the best Mother for my kids, but it means the world to me for my husband to think that I'm doing a good job. Especially because he knows how many times I complain about silly things that come along with being a mother like how much my back aches (motherly duties combined with being a dental hygienist = me non stop asking for back massages), how tired I am, how I never get time to myself, and he even knows exactly how many times I have to hand the kids over to him so I can take a minute to myself, take a deep breath, and re-gather my patience. Even though he knows all that, he still thinks I'm doing a good job and he still loves that I'm the mother of his children. It makes me so happy because I still feel so blessed that he is the father of my children and my husband. 

Happy blessing day Scarlett Emma! You are so very loved!


Carrie said...

so sweet! she looks beautiful in her blessing dress.

Laura Beth said...

You must have tossed whatever weight you are talking about in the garbage on your way outside to get that family photo because you look great!! I have never even met you and I know you are a good mom. No doubt :)

Mary Ashley said...

Taryn-you have such a beautiful family!!

Natalie Bergin said...

She is gorgeous. I want to cuddle that white bundle!

Kris and Megan said...

A million pounds to lose?!! You're taking crazy pills Taryn! You are beautiful inside and out and look fantastic after two babies!!! (I'm not just being nice, really! haha)What a sweet blessing and cute family. When you described your complaints and needing to take breaks to regather your patience I thought, "Man I wish i lived by Taryn!!" I can totally relate :) Anyway, love your blog!