Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our little chats

She's started this thing where she only says mama and dada in a drawn out way- Ma-ah and Da-ah. Funny because I never realized it until Scarlett's blessing day when my cute niece, Claire, asked me why Olivia calls me Ma!

O: Where's the sun go, maa? 
T: It's hiding behind the trees. Do you see it peeking out?
O: Oh, its hiding in trees. It must be getting too hot.

1) She loves to crawl through our legs or behind the couch and calls it a tuggle (ie tunnel). 2) There is a part of the road where we live that is lined on both sides by trees. We were driving through that area of trees and she says:
O: Tuggle mama! We going through the tuggle!!!
T: Yep this is like a tuggle huh! (sometimes I like to talk in her words because I thinks she's so darn cute and I kind of don't want her to start saying things the right way)
O: No, not a tuggle, a duh-gle
*We were laughing because we thought she was trying to correct me since I actually said tuggle instead of tunnel.
T: Oh a tunnnnnel. Don't worry, I get it Liv.
O: No! Not a tuggle, a FOREST!
Haha, then we were laughing because she was trying to say JUNGLE! We thought it was pretty smart of her to say forest to get us to understand. I'm also really starting to wonder where she is learning all these words?! Jungle and forest? I didn't teach her those!

O: I love you mama!
T: I love you too sweet girl.
O: I love you too mama.

She gets some of her words mixed up and of course I think its adorable:

  • When I told her to ask Grammy for help she said "I can't, her is taking a shower!"
  • Always wants to take a picture of Scarlett with my phone "I want to take a pic to Scar"
  • I was giving some baby tylenol to Scarlett after she got some shots and explaining to Liv why she needed medicine. I showed her the band aids and she says "Oh Cah-lett, you hurt yourself?" then looks at me and tells me "Cah-lett hurt yourself"
  • Just walks in the room where I'm at when I haven't even been talking and says "Are you saying bout somethin mama? What are saying bout?"
  • When talking about the bouncey ball in her hand "See high how me bounce"
  • We told her not to ever touch the stuff in the potty chair because it's icky and could make her sick "poo poo sick me"
  • Another time we said it again and she just went "Ah ah ah ah choooo"

Other funny sayings:
Are you seenkin what I'm seenkin?
Be qui-yet! Ti-toe ti-toe ti-toe (tip-toe)
I gonna eat you for dinner Cah-lett! Scah's so cuuuute!
What do you know Scah-lett?
I'm daddy's gul!
Captain Dada!!!


Carrie said...

OH, I just LOVE when kiddies start talking. it's the absolute cutest thing in the world. can't wait for P to get to that point. I was pretty impressed with the jungle/forest conversation, too!

Kendra said...

I love it! I really should be better about writing down the cute things Owen says. And I am so with you on wondering where my child learns certain words. I think some from TV and some from books? I don't know. They are crazy little sponges!