Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Party

We got home late on Thursday night, and by Friday morning we were back in the swing of life. The girls and I had a cute Valentine Party to go to at the Hales.

We were a little late. When we got there everyone was making some adorable robot valentine's. Of course Liv didn't want to go in where every single other person was, she wanted to go outside by herself. She was a little more clingy in a 'I don't want to play with anyone except my mom' way, I'm thinking because Brady and I had just been gone for 2 days. She actually did go off and play while Scarlett and I chatted with friends.

While she was playing, I went and made a robot Valentine for her :) When it was time for the "kiss the robot" game she was pretty adament that she didn't want to participate, but just play with toys instead. I got her to watch the other kids and then she decided it might be okay since lipstick was involved. It was so funny, she got her lipstick on, Desirae put the blindfold on, and then she totally peeked and tried to kiss the robot square on the lips, but she was too short to reach :)

We had such a fun time even though, for us, the party ended with a meltdown complete with throwing a sucker on the ground and shattering it, and Liv sitting on the floor and crying. She is too old for this and I swear she doesn't do that so often anymore but I just have to assume that it was because B and I had been gone. I hope that is all it was!

We loved eating crepes, making valentine's, playing, and chatting! Thanks Camilla!

Isaac and Penny playing with baby Scarly
cute party favors: matchboxes filled with M&Ms

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