Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Sunday afternoon

I refuse to believe that this girl will be a 1 year old next month!
And yet, she is looking so much older lately. It hurts a little because I feel like this year has gone by faster that Liv's first year. What is up with that? Not fair. I slipped in my blogging efforts and I fear that one day my sweet Scarlett will look on this dear old blog and wonder why her mom didn't post very much about her first year. Well my dear, I want you to know that it was definitely not for lack of adorable cuteness on your part.

I could sit and watch this girl play all day. She has the most perfect round baby face, and chubby fingers and toes (and thighs!). She plays peek-a-boo with us and it might truly be the cutest thing you ever saw. She'll bounce and dance to music and clap her hands at her accomplishement when she turns on the light switch.
Oh Scarlett, I could eat you up, I love you so!

Current nick names:
Scootsy bootsy
Etta baretta
Tinkerbell, Tinker, Tink


Laura Beth said...

I love how airy and light those photos are. Scarlett is such a dreamy little baby girl and I can't wait to meet her someday. Your blogging efforts may have "slipped" but remember you do A LOT better then some people. It's getting them into books that is the really tough part.

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet girl!!! I cannot believe she is almost 1 years old:) That year did swish by didn't it. I was so grateful to be there when this little Princess arrive last Mother's day. What a blessing she and her family our to all of us.
I love you sweet Scarlett. I wish you lived next door!!!

Gma Debi :)

Gabe said...

She is so adorable. Miss your family. So excited for your new adventure in med school. Good luck!