Thursday, September 19, 2013

Draft Day

Week 3 of soccer meant Draft Day! Really cute idea, all the kids are "drafted" to a team and receive their team jersey's (t-shirts). Liv had no idea what was going on, but she LOVES her lucky #7 jersey :)

The best part of the day was when I looked over at Liv on the field and she was flapping her wings like a bird and having the time of her life. Love that girl! Oh to be a kid again.

They had a scrimmage for the first time and Liv stood in the same spot the whole time. The group of kids swarmed around the ball and Liv just stood and stood. When they subbed out I told her to try and kick the ball and I tried to explain that she should kick the ball into the goal. She just said okay. They subbed in again and once again she just stood there. I giggled to myself, but this time when they subbed out she walked over to me and with tears in her eyes said "Mama, I don't have a ball". I said "Oh baby no one does, there's only one ball and all the kids are running and trying to get it. You just have to run and try and get it too." She said, "But that girl wouldn't let me have it". Looks like we need to toughen her up a bit :)

"Why are we just sitting over there when there is a play ground right here!?"

Scarlett just wanted to run away from me, as usual. She stole a pink soccer ball and ran! 

This about summarizes what she thought of the scrimmage.


Natalie Bergin said...

She is beautiful and I LOVE those little shin guards!

Debi said...

Pat and I had such a good chuckle over these adorable girls!!! Thank you for posting. We love you all very much. Keep it up, we appreciate the little glimpses in your lives very much!
Love ya!