Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our little convo {Liv- 4 yrs}

I love to hear how she pronounces certain words:
Practicey = Privacy
Scue = School
Kuge = Huge

Anytime I call Liv "big girl" which I do quite frequently  she'll tell me "no, I'm not a big girl, I'm just the best big sister"

She has a bunny named "Bunny Sabe" and a ladybug name "plop" which she later changed to "flop"

That's for big kids sweetheart.
Oh, its for big kids? Oh. I'm not a big kid mommy. I'm a kuge one.

Is this Daddy"s?
What does it do?
I don't know, you have to ask Daddy.
I can't ask him Mom. Daddy's not here.
I know, is that so sad?
No, Its not sad Mommy. We're not sad because we're big girls.

Liv: Did Scarlett spill the syrup all over?
Me: yes.
Liv: That's okay! You can clean it up when I go for a nap!
Me: gee, thanks :)

She can several words to Katy Perry's Roar and says "I am a children, and you're gonna hear me raaaar"- this is her current favorite song right behind every song from Daniel Tiger's neighborhood

There is a song that says "We have to try new food cause it might taste good, goo-ooo-oood" and she'll sing it to Scarlett at every meal. Scarlett doesn't need ANy help trying food or eating. She's a fabulous eater! But every time Liv will take credit and say her song helped Scarlett eat. Liv on the other hand still worries me with how little she eats. One time i told her "Maybe you should sing that song to yourself so that you will eat more." She sang it a few times and then said "Its not working!"

Liv: I'm not a little kid anymore.
Me: You're a big kid!
Liv: No, I'm just not a kid anymore!
Me: Well what are you?
Liv: thinks for awhile...
Me: What are Mommy and Daddy? (I was wondering if she knew what adults were)
Liv: You're just people. I'm a people now.

She saw the kissy face on facebook
giggled and said "that kind of looks like me"

Liv: Do I love you?
Me: Yes
Liv: Oh

We were driving home from taking dinner to B (which was kind of a disaster in itself- different story another time) and our Montero was WAY over heating. I was slightly freaking out that it would break down on the hwy and I don't have a phone so would be totally stranded with 2 kids. I told Olivia (calmly) what was going on and asked her to say a prayer to Heavenly Father that we could make it back to our house safely. She did and we made it! Phew. Then I had her say a prayer to thank Heavenly Father for helping us get home safe.
When I was getting her out of her car seat she says "Dogs can't say prayers right."
"Not usually."
"Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff. That's not a prayer"

"Mama, I can't look at my eyes. Look" Opens eyes big and flits her eyes back and forth.

O: whats your school name?
B: Marian University, MU
O: Oh my school name is


Marsha said...

These pictures are so beautiful! I love the BIG glasses and Liv's smile. I just want to squeeze her! I love her in the chair and I love her beautiful face in the middle picture!
As for the conversations, priceless! Oh how I miss hearing her sweet voice and her very bright conversations! Love her sooo much!

Debi said...

This is such a treat Taryn~~~ What a sweet girl she is!!! I love hearing all the adorable things she says. I can just picture her saying these things. What a doll :)
I miss you all and hope that you are doing really well. I hope to send you out a phone soon. Pat is getting real close to upgrade.
Scares me to think of you without one. '
Love you and appreciate all you do wonderful little momma :)

Danee Hansen said...

Little Liv's dialogues are delightful. She is a very creative, smart kuge girl! I love her and her family loads :]