Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Liv turns 4 {part 2}

The celebration continued after nap time 
(Yes she still takes a 3 hour nap at 4 yrs old! I'm so lucky!)

She opened a card from Grandma Debi and Pops and LOVED the puppies on the front and was giddy over the fact that she got some money from them!!

Then it was time for presents! It was so fun to watch her because she loved each one and would hum in between. Lots of "I can't bee-leeve it!" and ooh's and ahh's :) I think her best reaction was to the bag of candy, hahaha!

She had so many fun things from her grandparents. We are so thankful to have them in our lives! She especially loves her Barbie and the pink shoes dolls and her Minnie Mouse doll!
We gave her some polly pockets with car, hotel, and roller coaster (found for cheap on craigslist) which she has just been in heaven playing with! And she got a real bike!!! Its a Pinkalicious bike that we also found on craigslist (new and in the box) for less than half of the price at the store!

We went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and again she was in heaven! She was SO excited; this was her very first time ever to go! And we finished the night with her "4" cake as requested by her. A cake in the shape of a 4 :) And just as we were about to eat it, she said she wanted a birthday hat and almost started crying because she almost forgot to wear one. Luckily I had some from Scarlett's bday and we grabbed one for each of us. Have your cake and eat it too Livy Lou!

Taking her new puppy for a ride in the front pouch :)
4 looks so good on you Lou!

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