Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Liv turns 4! {part 1}

I can't believe Olivia is 4! It seems impossible, but its true. I had so much fun thinking of ways to make the day special for her. She had a "friends" party last year so this year we had a family party! It also happened to be my turn to teach our pre-school co-op at our house. My first time!

Olivia woke up bright eyed at 7am and quietly came into our room and asked, "Is it my birthday? I saw something in my room!" I put balloons in her bedroom while she was sleeping because I knew she'd wake up before me :) 

She was giddy right from the start. This is the first birthday that she's totally been looking forward to and asked just about everyday if its her birthday for a few weeks leading up to it! She had pancakes with strawberries and whip cream (with sprinkles)! I could tell she felt so special. When I brought her the plate she giggled, "ooooh!" We sang happy birthday and her face was so happy! I live for days like this day!

And even more special was that she got to eat breakfast with Daddy! He's usually gone before we wake up or leaves quickly after we wake up, but he happened to have a huge test this day and didn't need to be there so early.

You might tell from the pics, but we haven't decorated really at all yet. Things are moving verrrrrry slow on that front.

Then it was pre-school time! Liv was so excited to have her friends over to her house for the first time and to have Mommy as her teacher.

Liv and Eliza making pizza before circle time.

We learned about the letter E. E is for exercise. We did stretches, jumping jacks, arms and legs, and then I had them run 10 circles around the room :) Our cute little friend Myra did not want to exercise today :)

I have to include some pics of this sweet thing! She was so patient and good! She sat in her chair and ate while we all did circle time, then she played with our E game while we all moved on to play dough, snack, and worksheets.

I should have made her one of these egg games sooner! She LOVES nothing more than taking all of them out , shaking each one for awhile, and then putting them back in.

E and an Elephant

Doughnut cake! Easiest cake I ever made (arranged, really). Yep, store bought (market pantry) and my own sprinkles on top did just the trick!

Alittle lop-side but the kids thought it was the most amazing thing ever. I should totally hang out with 4 year olds more often. Ego trip!

That face! I can't even explain how happy that sweet "I feel so special" face makes me.

I'm so thankful for this little girl.

and this little mischievous girl too :) getting into the bin while we were singing and eating.

cute thing, so hard getting her to pose for pics

And I just liked these other photos because they're a little more natural :)


Carrie said...

aww! she felt so special. i love that too, when you can tell they're just so happy and that they understand how completely their mommy loves them. so sweet! happy birthday livy girl!

taryn said...

Thanks Care :) love you!

Gabe said...

I love that gold teal and pink banner. did you make it? if so how?

taryn said...

Gabe, I used this tutorial but I used a rotary cutter and self healing mat instead of scissor and cork board :)