Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Dinner

We were not allowed to go out on Halloween due to severe weather- Damaging winds, heavy rain, and isolated tornadoes. I decided last minute to do a fun Halloween dinner- and yes it really was last minute or that day. I grabbed the halloween garland from the fireplace and the burlap runner I bought a long time ago for a wreath project that I ended up going a different direction with and set a little festive table. The "place mats" are actually napkins from ikea, again, from a way long time ago. I've been hauling those babies around from move to move because I loved them and knew one day I'd need them. Today was the day!

Then, while the girls napped, I looked up some easy kid-friendly food ideas and came up with a menu.

We had:
Mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in cresant rolls)
Witches' Brew (rasberry sherbet in 7-up and crandberry juice)
Ghoul eyeballs (grapes)
Candy corn veggies (yellow peppers, carrots, and cauliflower in the shape of candy corn w/ hummus in a pumpkin)
Spider nachos (7 layer dip- super easy from 6 sisters stuff)
and Vampire Donuts for dessert

And I threw that popcorn and candy corn in- it was leftover from preschool

There were a couple extra rolls from the Mummy dogs, I made them into bones.

Liv was quite taken with the Witches' Brew

Liv served herself before we had all even sat down!

Candy corn veggies

We had originally put the punch in the cauldron, but it started leaking all over the place. We literally had a leaky cauldron (Harry Potter reference), so we moved it to the glass bowl and put chips in the cauldron. 

I caught Scarlett saying another prayer in the middle of dinner :)
Unfortunately it focused on her juice cup instead of her, but its still pretty cute.

Of course Liv wanted to try those vampire teeth right when we were finished with dinner. They were way too big for her little mouth so it was pretty scary looking!

We couldn't do something like this on a normal Halloween night because we'd be hurrying to get out the door for trick or treating, but it was a really fun, spooky, rainy night! We just might have to make it a tradition to have a fun dinner sometime in the month of October each year.

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Debi said...

Ohhhhh...that was such a clever little dinner. How creative you are. I didn't know lil Scarlett could say prayers now. Cute!!!
Love ya :)