Friday, November 1, 2013


Soccer ended, so we started a little Gym class one day a week. I think Liv really likes it. Its tough at this age to tell, because she says she likes everything. I just want to let her try a lot of different things and then we can see what she really feels like she wants to keep doing. I have been wanting to get her in a gym class for a couple years, she can already do cartwheels and loves to do sommersaults and head stands, plus its a short girl sport so she would fit in perfectly :)

I have a friend who watches Scarlett every week while Liv and I go to gym, that way I can watch Liv instead of running around with Scar. Scarlett LOVES it at her house because they have a ton of fun toys and always play tea party :) Then I watch her little boy when she takes her daughter to gym on a different day.

Liv is the ittiest bittiest one out there. Always.

Swingin on the rings
Working so hard!

Go Lou!

I was impressed that she could do this all by herself! I think this really was her favorite station.

I love how they walk everywhere with their hands on their hips.

I was also impressed that she did this at all!
I thought she'd be scared, but what was I thinking? She's a daredevil!

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Debi said...

That little toughie!!! I love her determination! You can see it in all her pictures. Her Auntie Haylee will be so proud. She is a little dynimite!!!
Love, Gma and Pops