Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving!

B came home a little early brought some pumpkins with him on Monday so we finally go to carve! 4 days before Halloween.

Scarlett loved her little pumpkin and Liv loved her teeny pumpkin. They switched pumpkins and it worked just fine! Actually Liv was going to get a big one but she just really wanted a teeny one, so I carved 2.

None of us girls liked the slimy insides so B did all the top carving and cleaning. I helped a teeny bit. Brady wanted to do an anatomically correct skull. In the time it took him to do the top 1/3 of his skull I had both my pumpkins carved. I did reallllly easy ones though. Olivia just colored her teeny one with a marker, and Scarlett just liked taking the top on and off, and would get a little frustrated if it didn't fit back in just perfectly.

"Seriously?! You want me to clean THAT out!"


She did that face on her own! Like I said, they don't like the slimy grimy insides.

Scarly did love that pumpkin though.

Finished products: 

B could have done more, but ran out of time and simply doesn't have any extra time to finish with tests this week and regular studying.

Super easy spider

Super cute and easy vampire

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Debi said...

Goodness! These are A+ pumpkins!!! I love the girls faces in these pictures. Adorable family :)