Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Bday B!

I was actually able to surprise Brady this year for his bday. He is so busy and barely home, he just does what I ask him to when it comes to things like this.

I got him a nice computer bag/briefcase (which he asked for and expected) and then I also got him some Air Force cuff links and Klipsch (sp?) wireless headphones! He was surprised by both the other gifts, especially the headphones.

I asked him earlier what he wanted to do for his bday, maybe go out to eat or something. He suggested going to the mall and eating somewhere there. That sounded great to me! He never wants to go to the mall.  Anyway, day of, he decides he doesn't want to go to the all, and I was trying so hard to play it cool because I was afraid he knew something. I kept just acting like we could do anything and had no time limits or restraints, but I was also cleaning and trying to get things ready for people to come over and I had to have it ready before we left.  He thought it would be fun to take the girls to a movie instead. I thought that was still a good idea (we needed to be back by 7pm for a little surprise party that his friends were doing) so we went to see Cloudy with a chance 2.

Problem was that the movie theater we ended up going to was about 30 mins away from our house. It was the only one that was showing that movie early enough. I didn't even think it was going to be a problem until after wards, the movie ended at 7, then Liv had to go to the bathroom, and play a game in the arcade, and then we still had to drive home! And B, a normally speed demon, decided to drive slow as molasses. We were 40 mins late to his bday party. I felt horrible! But they were so sweet and it was such a thoughtful little party! I'm so glad B has made some good friends at school!

They had this cake specially made! How sweet!

Scarlett loved the cake! She was SO tired. She fell asleep on the ride home, but totally awake when everyone yelled surprise. She saw the cake and wanted it immediately!

Ashley, the tall girl on the left, is our best babysitter! She babysits for free and the girls love her :)

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