Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Our church Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat was on Saturday. Brady had to do interviews for his school (weird to think that at this time last year B was still interviewing at schools), and came straight to the trunk or treat from there.

Liv and Scarlett were a Cat and Mouse. I wasn't planning on dressing up, but I saw my cute friend dressed as a Cat lady so I decided it would be easy enough, and Halloween is always more fun when you dress up :) So I threw on a nightgown (leftover from an old costume when I was B's surgery patient from years ago) and taped pics of cats to me, hung some stuffed cats from me, and did some crazy lipstick = crazy cat lady!

When we got there it was out of control crowded and busy. I had to drop my chili off at the table, and then we swam through the crowd to find a table- which there weren't any, so B and some other men set up a few more tables and chairs. My paper cats fell off, and the girls had taken the stuffed cats off of me before we even got into the gym, so I'm sure people were staring at me wondering what in the world I was supposed to be. Just a person who can't properly apply lipstick is what I know they were thinking.

Anyway, we actually had lots of fun, ate some chili, and Liv loved walking across the stage to show off her Kitty costume! There were so many kids that they just had them walk across the stage and it still took 10 good minutes to get through them all!

Liv loved trunk or treating, Scarlett was clingy. They were both adorable!

Scarlett wanted me to hold her. Brady wasn't home, and I knew I needed to get this pick now or never, so I just snapped anyway. 

Poorest little thing

Cutest little cat! Even if Mommy put the whiskers in the wrong spot ;)

Sweet baby mouse

Scarlett walked over to someone's car and tried to get in. She just wanted to leave, poor girl!

It was a little too cold for Liv ;)

In other news:

We came home to this on our doorstep. My wreath in shambles. It looks as if the mailman threw the package at the door and then my wreath exploded.

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