Monday, October 28, 2013

The letter I

I was teaching preschool. We learned about the letter I-
Decorated a letter I in paper ice cubes
learned about icky germs and made a face that sneezed into a tissue
Learned about insects and made an egg carton insect with pipe cleaner legs
And for snack we had inchworms in a cup of dirt ;)

The kids were so excited about this snack! I had to snap some pics of them eating it.

Even Scarly liked it!

Then I heard everyone squealing and laugh/screaming (that's what it is with girls) and walked over to see this:

I died! The fact that he even knows what a goatee is! Kids are hilarious! And its fun to have a boy for a minute :) He loves to make all the girls laugh :)

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Debi said...

Fantastic teacher and cute little pupils!!! Especially a couple that I know very well :)