Thursday, January 2, 2014

Just some things about my Scarlie

She is SO. MUCH. FUN. right now!

Her cute personality is shining through and as a parent its just too fun to watch her all day. Makes it hard to get stuff done and be productive!

dumped her cereal out of the bowl so she could eat it off the table

She LOVES to dress up. She likes any kind of dress ups, tutus, princess stuff, headbands, etc. But her absolute favorite thing to dress up in? Olivia's clothes!!! It makes me smile because she loves her big sissy so much. She loves to wear Liv's famous green boots and her raincoat around the house. Anything Liv leaves on the floor (which is all items of clothing because she always takes her clothes off when we're home alone) is fair game for Scarlett.

She is so cute with baby dolls still, and always like to touch her cheek to the doll's head, kind of cuddling it.

Its the funniest thing to hear her bark like a dog. Liv plays "puppies" all the time, so Scarlett has known what sound a dog makes forever, but her bark sounds like a funny yell! "Ba-ruh-ruh-ruh"

Her favorite word (cause that's normal to have a favorite word) is Tree. She points them out everywhere we go! Other words she says:

Eyes- eyes
Nose- No
Mouth- Mow
cat- cah
Tree- treeee, treeee, treee
Water- wawa (she doesn't say it often)
Apple- Ah-poe (her 2nd favorite word- almost any fruit is Ah-poe)
Cold- Coe
Bottle- baba
Strawberry- stuh-bewy

She loves singing! We have 2 little singers. We hear songs from Daniel Tiger- one is bye bye- bye bye- bye bye bye bye byeeeeee and she can totally sing it! You understand it and she does the right beat and everything. SO funny. She also sings meep meep uh-oh, meep meep uh-oh over and over and over. Seriously no idea where that came from, but she has her own little song and she loves to sing it!

Anytime she hears a ding, like the microwave or timer on the over, she says Bee, bee, bee (for beep beep). And when she sees a train or car she also says Bee, bee!

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Debi said...

I love and miss this little sweetheart so very much!!!!
Love, Gma Debi xoxoox