Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowed In : Freezed In

Our first big time snow storm! And I'm actually not complaining. I mean we had an excuse to stay home and drink hot chocolate and eat sugar cookies! Brady got TWO extra days to be home with us which also meant he was able to finish building our kitchen table. We stayed cozy by the fire, watched lots of movies, and made our staircase into a slide. Also, we were very blessed that none of our pipes froze and we did not loose power like 60,000 others during this storm. Had that been the case I would definitely be having a harder time. Things like this always make me appreciate having a home and shelter over our heads.

Indianapolis had a solid 34 hours of sub-zero temps (down to -15* F with a wind chill of -46* F). And between the foot of snow we got on Sunday and the snow drifts, we had a solid 2+ feet of snow around our house.

We played in the snow on Sunday, while it was actually snowing and while the temps were still above 0*, and we weren't allowed to leave because of the copious amounts of snow coming down. Then on Mon-Tues we still weren't legally allowed drive due to the wind chill temps and the roads being sheer blocks of frozen snow and ice, so we called it being 'freezed in'. It was so sunny and looked beautiful outside. The girls really wanted to play in the snow, but we told them they'd turn into ice cubes if we went out. Even opening the door to take pics was a shock to your body and lungs if you tried taking a deep breath. So crazy, so fun, so beautiful!

If that's not the sweetest baby face (ignore the messy hair).

Monday morning

Up to my knees!

I took our address off the mailbox which is why it just says 'Road'

This is Liv's throne. She was pretending to be "Queen Elsa" and Scarlett was Princess Anna.

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