Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Me and my baby {Scarlett- 20 months}

But the thing is, she's not really a baby anymore.
And for some reason I can seem to keep her from growing.
So instead, I just pretend like she's a baby.
She'll always be my baby 
(annnnd cue Mariah Carey music)

Enjoy these iphone selfies. Scarlett loves a good selfie and she's teaching me to like them too. In fact, the cutest thing ever was when I did a kissy face and she was looking at me. Then all on her own she turned and kissed me! Sweetest! And I caught the whole thing:

 I realized the craziest thing today. Scarlett is the same age Olivia was when I graduated from Dental Hygiene school. Consider my mind blown.

-I love to squeeze this girl and give her millions of kissed a day. 
-She has gotten pretty cuddly and loves to be held.
-She ALWAYS giggles when I lay her down in her crib! I'll lay her down and touch her cute face and whisper "Nigh, nigh. I love you", and it's when I touch her face that she giggles. It's become so common place that now she giggles before I touch her face because she knows its coming :)
-She has started talking SO MUCH. She is a little jibber jabbering girl and I absolutely love it! My fave is when we're in the grocery store (this actually happened today) and she is talking her non sensical words so LOUD for everyone to hear, but its so cute since she's just talking and talking to herself. I don't quiet her down because I actually think everyone should hear how cute she is ;)
-She knows all her letters!! Genius! Just like her sissy.
-She will start singing "Let it go" from Frozen totally at random. "Et go, Et go, (non-sense words) OOOOOONN" and I mean shouting that "On".  Translation: "Let it go, let it go, let the storm rage OOOOOONN"
-Her new phrases: {Der ah go : There you go} {hap pea : help please (took awhile for me to realize she wasnt saying hap-py)} {Tane ooh : Thank you} {Ah done : all done}
-She knows Elsa, when we read the Frozen book we have she always point to Elsa and says "Elsha"
-She says Livy like "bi-bee" and usually calls Liv "shi-she" for sissy.
-I finally got her off the bottle!! This was process. She would not drink milk from any other cup so I kept giving her a bottle 3 times a day to make sure she got enough milk. She will now drink it from a sippy cup, but only in the morning when she wakes up. I feel okay about having less milk because she eats very well.

I have loved having some time for me and my Scarlie to be alone together while Olivia is at pre-school. Such a special time with a very special, sweet, chunky, lovey, pretty girl.


Debi said...

Baby Scarlett isn't our baby anymore! What a sweetheart she is. Big sister is toooooo :)

Tyler + Zahara said...

Your girls are so stinkin cute!!