Thursday, January 30, 2014

We live here now

Another fun day at the museum! I was pushing the sit and stand stroller down the skywalk and into the museum, when Liv jumped off and ran ahead of me, down the big declined walkway. She was SO excited! It made my heart happy to see her get to run and play. Its been too long to be cooped up inside with all this ridiculously cold weather. So thankful to be able to go here and get some good playing time! 
I had lunches packed and we met a friend and her little one there. We finally got to play at the playscape for the first time (where Scarlett and I were filmed for awhile and had to sign a release- I'm guessing for a promotional video for the museum), then the carousel, lunch, and the dinosaurs and trains. We are so lucky to have good friends and fun places to go in Indy!

To be honest, I don't know who this dino guy is. He was just there and Liv ran to him and gave him a hug so I snapped a pic, haha!

Fun House

Laying some Dino eggs and Liv's cute boots on the wrong feet.
She always puts her shoes on by herself, and for whatever reason, always puts them on the wrong feet. She won't switch when I tell her they're on the wrong feet, and if we're being honest, lots of times I don't have time to waste having her take them off and put them back on so I stopped telling her. Anyway, I always get comments that her shoes are on wrong. Do you people think I put them on her? I'm just proud and thankful that this is a task she can do on her own without my help. One day she'll figure it out, but if it doesn't bother her, then it doesn't bother me. She's only little once and I love to see this small sign of independence and innocence.

Scarlett having a little party and hoarding all the dishes.

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Kris and Megan said...

taryn, you and your girls are freakin' adorable. i hope our paths cross again one day so I can meet them!!!